Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oreo Cake

This has been a busy weekend. My boyfriend's birthday was on saturday, free comic book day, and then Mother's Day today. And then add the stress of upcoming midterms. I made my boyfriend a little
"How to speak Swedish" book out of a mini scrapbook because he's going with me this June to visit family. As well as other little travel related things. I think he liked the Chewy bobble head that I got him from Tate's the best. Kinda hard to compete with that. He loved the oreo cake I baked him though. Got the sandwhich cookie shaped pans from target. I'd love to give out the super special secret recipe but to be honest its just chocolate cake mix with crushed oreo's mixed into the batter and frosting. It also makes really great last minute oreo cupcakes [=

1 comment:

  1. Aaaaw, that's such a cute idea with the huge oreo. =)
    I looooove the Swedish scrapbook too. So is Scott fluent in Swedish now? Haha, I really wanna know what ya taught him. You always have the best gifts, sis!
    Can't wait to see you!!!
    I HEART U!
    XOXO Anna


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