Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Decor

So this has been a rather uneventful month on the blogging front. Again, school and life have kept me pretty busy. From this blog you'd never know that October is pretty much my favorite month ever. It's my birthday month as well as my dad, aunt, cousin, and little adorable nephew. Weather in Florida gets less disgustingly hot. And most important of all it's Halloween time! Here are some things I crafted just for this occasion:
Everything but the labeled jars were made this year. The labeled jars I made last year, but I didn't have a nifty blog last year so I figured I would include them now. The labeled jars were inspired by another blog but I don't have the link to it anymore. The labels are just regular printer paper, after you print your words out you rip around the edges to "cut" them out. Carefully burn the edges, then dip in tea, take em out & let dry.

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