Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hong Kong [Day 2]

Tried a honey orange macchiato which was actually pretty good. Went on an epic quest to find the Modern Toilet Restaurant. There was 2 of them in Hong Kong but apparently they both closed. I guess they overestimated people's desire to eat out of toilets. Apparently there's at least 10 of them in Taiwan. I guess thats where i'll have to go one day. There was good shopping in the area where it used to be located (Mongkok) so it was still worth the trip out there. Found lots of things in CottonOn, an Australian store. It sounded vaguely familiar but i'd never been in one before. After some quick googling, I found out they have one in the Florida Mall and quite a few down south. The picture shown below is actually of the store Monki. A Swedish store that i'm almost positive they don't have in Florida. I didn't buy anything but I looove their visual merchandising. After that we went to the Ladies Market and then grabbed something to eat.
That night I saw the light show which is the world's larget permanent light show. Of course my camera died right before the grand finale.

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