Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beads, Beads, Dinosaur?

So I've been dabbling in beading but don't know any real techniques. So most of the projects have messy, dubious, closures which run the risk of falling apart. If I ever do decide to start selling things I make, I definately don't want that on my conscience. So I took a free beginner beading class at Karen & Friends in Downtown Melbourne on wednesday. This bracelet was the final result. It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted but I love how neat the closures are.
Ignore my hideous nails! I went back to Karen & Friends today to buy some tiger line so I could practice what I learned and also to ask about the more advanced classes. She recomended me taking another free class and learning the earring making technique so i'd be more prepared. The free classes are only on wednesdays and since I have school on wednesdays I wouldn't be able to take the free class until September. I told her as much and she taught me on the spot. They're suppoused to be earrings but obviously they're not matching, so I'm just gonna use them as pendants.
Not only are they an amazing bead store that has free beginner beading classes, reasonably priced advanced classes, cool/funny employees, they also sell various handmade goods. I couldn't resist this Dino-Plant. He still needs a name. Any suggestions? I was thinking Ted as in "Haaaave you met Ted?" but Barney could work too. He is a purple dinosaur after all. Or maybe Sheldon... decisions, decisions.

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